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Now 4000+ of the best plugins (Win 32/64 DLL)
have been archived since year 2000.

This pack is a large selection of the best freeware plugins, saving hours of your time by quickly installing hundreds of instruments and effects to your computer.

Content and Features :

- 2000+ instruments : synths, samplers, generators...
- 2000+ effects : chorus, reverb, delays, distortion, rare plugins...
- Compressed size > 23 GB (ZIP).
- Free updates : you will receive a mail when the pack is updated.
- Documents for printing a DVD cover, if you make a backup.
- Documents with advices and links to plugins websites.
- All plugins tested OK with FLStudio and Renoise.
- Full scan OK with the latest antivirus.
- Verified plugins to install with a single copy (VSTPlugins).

This offer is a full download with fast servers.
Each order will be processed within 24h : You will receive a mail
with links for the plugins, after the confirmation mail from PayPal.

Click here for the original 2011 HTML index.
Release date : September 2011. Update 2012 : +935 MBytes.
Latest Update 2016 : Now more than 23 GB with 4000+ plugins

This VST download is included in the ULTIMATE BUNDLE :

+ VST Download full redist : * now more than 30 GB VSTi VSTfx on GDrive * More than 5000 selected and tested VST32 and VST64 + FLSTUDIO PROJECTS +WAV by Grabule : 4.5 GB. + SAMPLES Archives on 2 TB GDrive access : bestof free redist samples, loops, kits, ... Best free samples from the Net since 1995!

Current price is 28.99 Euros on sale -50% for the new year 2021.

Get the bundle with 1 single payment (Paypal) or Contact me (Boris Grabule) on FB Messenger to pay with another method.

You get this for the price of 1 plugin :

Lifetime Access on GDrive (2 TB size) for this content: VST Download (now >30 GB compressed) + Samples + Projects FLStudio There are not a lot of big plugins (like The golden soundbank around 4 GB which is external with a link only) to fit 30 GB, but for VST Download, the total is 2500 effects and 1800 generators from 1998 to 2017, including the best of the best in files or external links (GyL Synths, Krakli ...). More than 1000 vst added up to 2021 for a total of more than 5000 of the best VST freewares.

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VST Download on gdrive + Bestof samples + 4GB FLStudio projects


Plugins viewed in download folder : Now 23 GBytes !
Original detailed 2011 index (3.8 GB only at the time)

Instruments plugins viewed in Renoise (original 2011 compilation) (detailed HTML index)

Effects plugins viewed in Renoise (original 2011 compilation)

Free Bonus plugins (manual install)


Luxonix LFX-1310

Where can I find VST plugins on the web ?

You should try these websites :

Plugins makers websites

acme bar gig

bluenoise plugins



HG Fortune

odo synths

Psychic Modulation


stefan kuhn



1) Where is my VstPlugins folder ?

Check the options of your sequencer/tracker to get the folder VstPlugins :
Usually it can be one of these :
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins (Win64)
or C:\Program Files\VstPlugins (Win64)
or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins (Win32)
or C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins (Win32)

2) A few plugins crashing with FLStudio ?

Some plugins not working with FLStudio have been desactivated (renamed *.bak).
If you want to test them, rename the filename *.bak to *.dll

canadianmetal\BIG 1.01 Release A.bak\DSK Synthopia 2\DSK Synthopia 2.bak\mfilter.bak\RealSynth.bak
Smart Electronix\MdspFlanger.bak\SK_Grains_0-0-2c.bak\Solo_0-0-6b_SSE.bak\TolcBocs_0-0-2_no-SSE.bak\Voices_0-1-2.bak

3) What are MSVC DLL files in ?

A few plugins use MSVC files, so copy the 3 files from system32 in your Windows\System32
It is not recommended, copy the files only if you are sure about what you are doing.

4) Mac version

To use on a Mac (Pro Tools) you need FXPansion VST to RTAS Adapter.
This is a big size download, you should make a backup of all the files.

5) I am a plugin designer/coder and I want my plugins to be removed from this pack ?

There is no problem for this (contact below), but you should think twice :
This pack is an additional way for your work to be hosted and proposed to the public.
You have the link to your homepage hosted here on this page (Plugins makers websites),
and in the included documents files (links and description). If not, contact me below.

Someone using these plugins will perhaps visit your website later, and buy your shareware
or give an amout as donationware! The files are organized in sub-folders with websites names.

I had the idea of this compilation thinking about Mods Anthology .mod files, released around 1996 :
This pack has to be considered as a Best Of. It does not include all plugins ever
made that someone can find on google : This is a selection of the best plugins.

6) Contact : Please send a mail with this subject "VST Download" to

vst plugins