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You will find tons of goodies in 3 parts from Free to On Sale (top left links).

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prod1 Store

Grabule FL Studio 4 GB pack, .flp .wav ! Tons of projects and Wav files.
19.99 euros / Free demo to download.

prod2 Store

23 GB freeware VSTPlugins Bestof / 2000-2017.
1.50 euros / Free lite ZIP to download.

bobs synths

Bob's synths (Flowstone) (Windows)
Bob's synths (dropbox link)

prorcf1rg Store

Sound of Le Mans : a Nave synth bank by Pascal Doguet

prodff1r Store

BeatMaker bundles

prorrrdff1rg Store

1 GB Synthedit unsigned plugins + 100 misc. freeware VST (Windows)
Full download !

Ultimate Producer Bundle

Ghosthack Ultimate Producer Bundle !

Over 1000 Free Dubstep and Trap Samples

Over 1000 Free Dubstep and Trap Samples by Ghosthack

prorrslrdff1r Store

SL Drums 3 by is a free easy to use virtual drum machine with 75 high quality drum kits.
Free Download for PC or Mac 32/64 bits !

prorrrdff1r Store

Darry Booper burning the place with a new album : Jazz's dead
Full version online !

prod1r Storeloops

Free download : Mr Shags loops : 475 MB ZIP with construction kits and loops ! (Wav)

Mr Shags on Reverbnation

Mr Shags Facebook

Mr Shags Soundcloud

prod12r Storeloopsa

Free download : Grabule Worx vol 2 (0ldSch00L) : 1150 MB ZIP with various oneshot, drums, loops... (Wav)

Grabule on Facebook

prod1r Storeloopsa

Free download : Grabule Worx vol 1 : 260 MB ZIP with various samples and loops ! (Wav)

Grabule on Facebook

prod2 Store

Youtube channel : Tons of playlists Demoscene and Audioapps

prod2tt Store

TRASHCAN REKORDZ. Label for unlimited free music to come :)

20.02.2017 | Pascal Doguet (bandcamp)
20.02.2017 | Grabule - Unknown Lands (bandcamp)
19.02.2017 | Grabule - Project Alpha alien remix (wav quality)
19.02.2017 | Old tracks by Grabule (Psychotronic, year 2000:)
18.02.2017 | Darry booper - At The Bottom Of Your Toilet

Video Games Music
Video Games Music

Soundcloud Grabule

Presets for apps and plugins

MP3-FR.COM Archive

The Virtual Label Archive

Psychotronic (Grabule) old tracks !

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Video Music Files
Video Music Files

GyL Synths
GyL Synths


Particular Sound
Particular Sound

Moselle Synthesizer

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Anyone can send files to (mail :
You can set Free and Paid Products.
On sales you get money back at 80% to 90% depending on the product and price.
It can be sent by Paypal or any working method.
This store can promote hardwares, goodies, tshirts... = anything related to Audio/Music.

The deal is very attractive for creators submitting products, with a small % for me owning this site and managing all downloads : fast hosting, fast downloads, Paypal buttons for paid products, then maybe a direct credit card payment if other methods are limited (max sales by month on paypal). By checking each day on the site, the mail support for customers and the sales tracking are done by 24 hours cycles.

For protected/registered products, I ask to the maker(s) for one or several "next serials" to send by mail to buyers.
For no serials (example wav midi bank), the list of bought products are in the history of transactions on www site stats). This may be better to track sales by setting a serial number (any serial method you want) for each product you post on AudioApps Store, even if it is an unprotected product. By this method I'll ask for one or several serials, so I can send them to next customers by mail.

If you send paid/free products on the site, you will get a dated PDF page to sign for validating your files with unlimited time online. Ask this PDF agreement to me, (Grabule).

You can cancel the plan when you want, if you choose to remove your products from the site.

Click here to get the PDF agreement for AudioApps software site.

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